After a five day, 2,250 mile, 35 hour drive, “WE MADE IT!” I have (surprisingly) made it clear across the country to this hectic city they call Hollywood, and I couldn’t have done it without the company of a few of my awesome roommates. Together we saw the crops and corner markets of Arkansas, the plains of Oklahoma, the armadillos and longhorns through Texas, the deserts of New Mexico, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and now the beautiful palm trees in California.

After only a week here in LA, there’s a lot I have already learned. Here’s a brief list I’ve put together:

1. Most of your time here is spent in the car.
2. This isn’t pleasant-ville, stuff is expensive here. I got gas today for a whopping $4.70 per gallon. Oh, and bags at the grocery store don’t come free, so prepare to pay about $.30 per bag or bring your own.
3. All you hear is people talking directions, if they even talk at all.
4. LA fashion district is nothing like what it sounds.
5.  Avoid the freeway, AT ALL COST.
6. There is no such thing as free parking.

Throughout this summer I will be interning at both IM Global (a film financing, sales and distribution company) along with Cross Creek Pictures. My first week as an intern was pretty successful. At IM Global I read a few scripts and gave coverage, as well as worked on a few company projects. I got to sit in on a company meeting which was awesome! At Cross Creek I was able to read the script for Black Mass with Johnny Depp which is currently filming in Boston, Massachusetts.

Basically this blog is here for me to express my experiences as a college student living in LA, as well as an intern in the office, and (of course) to give you a little taste of what LA life is like through stories and many pictures. Enjoy!



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