22 Jump Street Closing Credit Sequence

So yesterday I got to read the script for the film 22 Jump Street, which was so much better than I thought was even possible. The films box office numbers have jumped higher than How To Train Your Dragon: 2 and they are currently sitting at $6.9M for the weekend opening. There are so many hilarious moments throughout 22 Jump Street, but the closing credit sequence is being called out by fans as one of the “funniest montages in recent memory.”


The sequence features stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in a series of fake promos for future Jump Street sequels. The directors for the sequence told The Hollywood Reporter, “a completely different ending was in place just six weeks before the release of the Sony and MGM comedy.” The previous closing credits had Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum saying, “We’re done. We’re not doing anymore movies” and they walk into the sunset. However, the audience wanted something different. They didn’t want the Jump Street sequal to be over. So just six weeks before the films release, the directors called them back to do a re-shoot for the actual closing sequence. The directors thought of “a million” ideas for potential sequels (putting the cop duo in medical school, in a ballet company, in space) and filmed promos which left the audience anxiously awaiting the possibility for another Jump Street film.


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