California Dreaming

They say that Hollywood is the city of dreams, and boy am I dreaming. There have been so many amazing opportunities presented to us this week that I can’t wait to share them all.

So on Monday we got to attend a panel discussion on documentaries. It was really awesome despite the fact that me and my roommate showed up 15 minutes late, awkwardly made our way to the front of the dark theatre in an attempt to find two seats together, accepted a mans offer to take his seat, then sadly watched him take a tumble landing pretty hard on his backside. After almost 10 minutes of (attempting to be quiet) laughter, we got to hear some awesome stories about the process of documentaries and tips on pitching ideas to production companies.

On Tuesday we were able to attend The Season 2 Premiere of The Bridge at the Paley Center! Yes, I actually saw Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir afterwards during the panel discussion! Picture below!


Thursday we went to the screening of Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! I got to take pictures with Oscar, eat fancy cheese/crackers, and enjoy the open bar. Picture below!


Friday me and my roommate went to RUNYON CANYON. We were lucky to even make it considering we spent 40 minutes looking for a place to park (yes, this is a trend with us). And yes, Runyon Canyon is the hot hiking spot for all the celebs in Hollywood (but no, I didn’t see anyone famous…i don’t think.) Even if I did, you wouldn’t be able to tell considering everyone had fedoras pulled down to hide their faces, huge sunglass, and a lap dog with bows in their hair trailing closely behind them. After hiking all the way to the top of the canyon, we got a stunning view of the Hollywood Sign and all of Hollywood. It was awesome!

Image  IMG_1281

Sunday was the best! DISNEYLAND! I’m not going to lie, I am a huge Disney enthusiast. Days spent listening to “I just can’t wait to be King,” “Under the Sea,” & “A whole new world,” are days for the soul. They are necessary. So Sunday, was my soulful day. I saw Mickey and Minnie, Woody and Buzz, Ariel and Prince Eric, Pocahontas and John Smith, and the one and only LIGHTNING MCQUEEN AND MATER! In a weird way, I was a total fan girl. And to top off my childhood day, I left with a carmel apple. Perfect way to end the week.

IMG_5058  IMG_9939


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