To Ancient Times & Distant Music

“QUELF, THE LAND OF THE FARM!” Sorry to scream at you, I’m only attempting to give you an “in depth” experience of how I started this week. My roommates and a few friends decided to spend a few nights in playing Quelf. What is Quelf you ask? Quelf is the unpredictable party game that gives random a new name. This is no exaggeration. According to Urban Dictionary (which obviously is 100% accurate….eye-roll) says that Quelf leads you to perform a series of unordinary tasks that one would never consider doing in any sober state. Which again, is no exaggeration. We started out toasting to ancient times and distant music (hence the title), and ended up with a broken dinning room table and two broken wine glasses. Don’t ask. 

On Tuesday we got to tour the set of Modern Family. Sadly, I’ve never seen the show so it wasn’t as exciting as when I saw the set of Pretty Little Liars. However, it was still super cool! Thursday we toured the set of Teen Wolf. Again, I’ve never watched the show, but it was by far the COOLEST set tour I’ve seen this summer. It was super awesome to see that their pre-production, production, and post-production are all done on one location. It was like I got to see the series through each step of the production process. And their sound stages are absolutely HUGE!

4th of July was nothing less than amazing. We rented an LA Party Bus to take 22 of us to Hermosa Beach. The bus was awesome, and had flashy lights, loud music, and a stripper pole (wait, what?). We all hung out on the beach for the day and got to watch an awesome firework show that night, then took the party bus back to Oakwood. It was definitely a 4th to remember! 

Saturday me and the roommate made another trip to Runyon Canyon. This time WE SAW SANDRA BULLOCK! OK, calm down, we thought we saw Sandra Bullock. We followed fake Sandra all the way up Runyon Canyon attempting to build up our confidence to say something to her. When we did, we were surprised to find out that she was not Sandra. Bummer. But actually it wasn’t a bummer. This lady was super cool. Her name is Jennifer Saginor. She actually sold a screenplay right out of college and published the book Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion. She told us about her childhood and how it inspired her to write the book. Her story is captivating. She’s currently writing a TV Series and asked us to meet up with her, sign an NDA, and bounce ideas off of each other. She’s so legit she even has a website: You should check her out. 

Obviously, my week was just like past weeks, awesome. I’m going to go start season 1 of Orange Is The New Black now. Hopefully it’s a good as everyone claims it to be. 

Until next week!


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