Industry News

Ok so, my weekly news post this week lacks specific information (I signed an NDA), however, it’s still interesting. Don’t leave, keep reading! So IM Global is currently working on a film called Viral, and it’s currently in post-production. After meeting with one of the execs in the office and explaining what i’m interested in, he gave me a rather large project that fit my interest exactly. He was going to show me each step of the process to create a film. So he introduced me to Viral. He gave me a series of steps to complete, and after each step we have to get together and discuss my thoughts and opinions. 

Step 1: Read the draft script
Step 2: Read the actual production script
Step 3: Talk about budgeting, distributing, shooting, casting, etc. 
Step 4: Watch the dailies from production. 

This project has taught me so much about the process of producing films. I have never been so anxious to learn, ever. I got to see the changes they made from the draft, why they changed them, what the budget was, why this was the budget, etc. I am honestly so lucky to be interning with a company that truly cares to see their interns grow and learn more about an industry that we are so passionate about. I can’t exactly discuss when Viral will make its release, but know that when it does, you MUST watch it!


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