CAMERON DIAZ SPOKE WORDS TO ME!! Yes, indeed she did. I bet you’re freaking out right now, so I should explain. My room-mate and I decided to attend the Premiere of the film Sex Tape starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. No, we weren’t actually going into the movie, because the ticket prices were absurd. So instead we thought that we would just get there really early and get front row to see all the celebrities walking into the theatre. Standing in front of the red carpet we got to see: 

RJ Mitte – Walter White Jr. in Breaking Bad
Jim O’Heir – Jerry from Parks and Recreation
Hannah Simone – Cece from New Girl

We waited FOREVER for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel to make their way down the carpet. Before we even got the chance to see them, we were given two tickets to attend the premiere by some security person! I was shaking I was so excited. As we started up the red carpet, there came Jason Segel. We were seriously like 2 feet from him! We composed ourselves and remained cool. When we got in we figured we should poke around in the lobby and wait for Cameron Diaz to come in. My thought was, I better use the restroom now so I don’t have to go during the movie. So, I raced to the bathroom in hopes to get back to see Cameron. As I took a step out of the bathroom, I was greeted by three rather large men dressed in suits. Unfortunately, they were not very nice, and proceeded to raise their voice at me telling me to move. At this moment of confusion, Cameron Diaz then pops her head out from behind one of these huge men, places her hand on my shoulder smiling and says, “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” At this moment, my life was complete. I seriously don’t know how I responded. I think maybe my jaw dropped. 

The movie was absolutley hilarious! Afterwards, we saw Jason Segel (again), Rob Lowe, Jolene Blalock, took pictures with Harrison Holzer and Ellie Kemper! It was definitely the best night here so far!


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