14 hours on the PCH

You non-California’s are probably clueless when it comes to the title of this blog. You might ask, “What is the PCH?” Let me fill you in; the PCH is short for the Pacific Coast Highway, and not to disappoint you, but you haven’t lived until you have drove the PCH through Big Sur and Monterey. Here, you will see the best parts of God’s beautiful and massive creation. In a non-cliche’ or corny way, it changed my life.

So Saturday morning 7:00am sharp, two of my friends and I departed for our beautiful drive on the PCH all the way to San Francisco. Little did we know this drive would take 14 hours. Luckily, the coast was beyond gorgeous and we were constantly making stops in an attempt to fully take in the beauty around us.

Saturday night we stayed in a hostel. Yes, a hostel. As in, we slept in a room with three other complete strangers. Was it scary? Absolutely. We arrived at 11:00pm, and checked in. We were given our key codes and bed sheets (yes, we had to make our own beds). We walked into this room where there were three bunk beds all side by side, and of course, the three bottom bunks were taken. In attempt to be as quiet as possible so we don’t wake these strangers, we made our way to our top bunks to quietly make our beds. Because I didn’t know these people nor trust them with my things, I cuddled with them. Let me say, my Samantha Brown bag wasn’t a great cuddle partner.

When we woke, we explored San Francisco! The Golden Gate Bridge was stunning, although the fog was insane. We also went and saw the Full House house, and the painted ladies. San Francisco is definitely beautiful!

When we got back to Los Angeles, we attended a student alumni mixer at a beautiful restaurant in Hollywood. I got to meet people from UGA who actually lived out their dream of living and pursuing a career in Los Angeles. It really gave me the push I needed in moving to LA after I graduate. I couldn’t be more excited for my future. Only 2 more short weeks left here in this beautiful city.


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